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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that everyone has had a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving with those you love. As Advent approaches very soon, we wish you a very good preparation to celebrate the season. On the day of the consecration of Jacques Theodore Holly, November 8, 2017, thirty-five candidates to Holy Orders were ordained to the Diaconate. The Diocese of Haiti now has permanent deacons for the first time; eighteen of the thirty-five are permanent. We are very pleased that among them are two women. The others, including another woman, are transitional deacons. Below is the list of permanent and transitional deacons and where they are now working.

During this ceremony, many people from far away joined us to celebrate. Among them were the Reverend Yves Joseph from the Epiphany Parish in Connecticut, the Reverend Roger Bowen, Coordinator of the Partnership Program between the Diocese of Haiti and the U S, the Venerable Bazin Fritz, and the Venerable Carolyn Bolton and the Reverend Doctor Maurrene Wilson, both from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oakland, California. We were delighted with the crowd of people from the whole diocese; one could see the pride in their eyes as they witnessed the event which was without precedent in Haiti.

Now, on the subject of the coming election, I encourage you to be patient as we will have information for you soon. We regret the delay of such an important election, and we assure you all we will move forward with great vigor when possible. There is a man who has worked with incredible energy and dedication for more than thirty years to promote and increase excellent relations between the Diocese of Haiti and the Episcopal Church and its schools in the United States. Of course, I’m speaking of the Reverend Roger Bowen! The moment has arrived, however, for him to take a break from this never-ending task, and he has notified us that he is vacating the position of Coordinator of the Partnership Program between the Diocese of Haiti and the United States, effective December 31, 2017. The new, and very capable new coordinator, well known and beloved by all, is Doctor Serena Beeks, who will take the reins on January 1, 2018. It is with sadness that I learned of our faithful servant and friend Roger Bowen’s decision. However, as Serena, Roger, and I worked as a trio for many years to make the partnership program flourish, I already know her well, and I look forward to many more years working with her.

Dr. Beeks has demonstrated her interest in and love for Haiti in many ways: she has guided many new partner groups since the late 1990’s; her doctoral dissertation was on Haiti partnerships; she serves on the Board of Governors for the National Association of Episcopal Schools; and she has prepared most of the orientation materials which we share with new partners. A truly qualified individual, Dr. Beeks is eager to assume the role which Reverend Roger Bowen has held with such distinction. Reverend Bowen has strongly recommended Dr. Beeks, and the Right Reverend Jean ZachéDuracin has approved this choice. We are most pleased to welcome her!


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Soirée de Gala de l'Orchestre philharmomique Saint Trinité à l'occasion de la fête des mère ce dimanche 28 mai 2017 C'était l'occasion pour l'église d'honorer notre matriarche Odette Roy Fombrun pour son centenaire . 13 Juin 1917 / 19 Juin 2017.